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Manaus Amazon Brazil

Manaus Amazon, Brazil

Amazing experiences awaits for you in the Amazon, choose your Manaus Amazon Private Tour and enjoy the best tour of your life with Amazon Destinations Tour Operator 

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Discover Manaus in style with our city tour options,immerse yourself in the Amazon's heart, exploring architectural wonders of the Amazonas State Capital`s

The Highlights of Manaus

 City Tour  - 4h Tour 

Explore the vibrant city of Manaus in a four hours city tour. Immerse yourself in the rich Amazonian culture as you visit iconic landmarks like the Amazon Opera House, the bustling Municipal Market, and the historic Rio Negro Palace. The tour will be followed by a native english speaking tour guide

Manaus Amazonas Tour - Ponta Negra River Beach.jpg

The Manaus Full Day Tour

8h tour in the City

Brazil has many popular attractions, but Manaus located in the heart of Amazon jungle is worth to be seeing, amazing places like the Amazonas Opera house, St Sebastian Square, The Municipal Market,  The Ponta Negra beach and many others attractions will make a well worth decision to be taken in Manaus, see our full day tour where you will know the main city`s  attractions.

Manaus Amazon Port

The Manaus City Tour and Meeting of the Waters - 5h Tour

Embark on a mesmerizing journey in Manaus, where your tour begins with the spectacle of the Meeting of the Waters, converge in a breathtaking natural display, following this you will discover Manaus and explore its cultural landmarks, including the iconic Amazon Opera House, Rio Negro Palace and the Municipal Market. 

The Amazon village, boat houses

Half Day Tour Meeting of the Waters, Floating Village and Tributaries

Witness a inspiring wonder of the Meeting of the Waters in Manaus, Amazonas. Marvel as the dark Rio Negro and the muddy Solimões Rivers flow side by side without immediately blending, creating a stunning natural spectacle. See that in our private half day tour with a native english speaking tour guide exploring the nature, rivers, flooded forest and an amazing experience in the heart of jungle.

Choose your adventure, from half day river tours to amazing full day or multi day tours, and experience the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Amazon rainforest and its amazing rivers.

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The Amazon River Experience

Full Day Private Tour Negro and Solimões Rivers -  Private tour

Embark on a full-day Amazon River adventure, immersing yourself in the untamed beauty of the rainforest. Cruise through the flooded forest, the beauty of the jungle, and encounter exotic wildlife along the way. Experience the essence of the Amazon as you navigate its winding tributaries.

Alligator spotting in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Night Adventure, half day boat tour to explore the jungle in the night

Experience the essence of the Amazon as you explore the region by speedboat with a native tour guide taking you to breathtaking scenery where you will enjoy moments of new discovers in heart of jungle, this option takes in two special moments, one when the sounds of day will be replaced by the sounds of night making the tour more interesting where will remember forever..

Negro River Tour with Jungle Walking

Negro River Tour and Jungle Walking at Ariau River -  Full Day Tour in the Amazon

A full day tour where you will explore one of the most beautiful areas of Amazon state, The negro river an amazing place surrounded by a rich and magnifecent jungle, this tour provides an incridible experience in the heart of Amazon with pick up and drop off in Manaus.

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The Amazon Beauties - Boat Tour in Groups, daily departures, full day

Departure from Manaus where you can live an amazing day exploring and enjoying different places and attractions of Amazon, The tour is provided in groups and can be everyday without specific number of people,  This option intends to provide a cheap option of tour in Manaus.

In the heart of Amazon lies an amazing place with many hiden caves and incredible waterfalls, this place is President Figueiredo, a small town located north of Manaus with many options of jungle tours

Jungle Walking in the forest Amazon Brazil
Amazon Waterfalls Tours - Manaus Am..jpg

The Amazon Waterfalls - Full Day Tour

An amazing tour through the Amazon jungle where you will explore the most beautiful waterfalls located north of Manaus, The tour includes english speaking tour guide, private transportation, lunch and admissions for all the attractions in this acitivity. The tour can be at any day with minumum of two passengers per tour and maximum 4 people.

Jungle Walking in the Amazon Rainforest

Jungle Walking with Caves Exploration at Presidente Figueiredo

A full day tour departing from Manaus, where you can explore the Amazon jungle breathing the purest air in the world and exploring the rainforest with a native english speaking tour guide. Tour is available everyday from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm, is required two people at least for a tour.

Mutum and Jacuzzis

The Natural Jacuzzis and the Waterfalls of Amazon -  Full Day Tour

This is famous natural swimming pools located in the heart of Amazon jungle, distant of Manaus almost 3 hours but is a really beautiful place and an interesting rock formation of millions of years caused by the water flow. This is a full day tour departing from Manaus with minimum of two people and available eveyday

Jungle Walking and Caves Tours in Amazon Brazil.jpg

Package 2 days and 1 night in Presidente Figueiredo

If you have some more time available in Manaus, you must to consider book this option, if you are interested to explore the waterfalls area with more time and no rush, this tour is indicated cause includes one night, where you will rest in a comfortable guest house located in the town of Presidente Figueiredo.

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