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The best Manaus Amazon Private Tours with Amazon Destinations Tour Operator

Amazing experiences awaits for you in the Amazon, choose your Manaus Amazon Private Tour and enjoy the best tour of your life with Amazon Destinations Tour Operator 

Manaus Amazon Private Tours, Choose the Best options of our tours in the region and make you dream come true with Amazon Destinations

to your next dream!

Welcome to Manaus, the gateway to the mesmerizing Amazon Rainforest! Embark on a journey of discovery with our expertly crafted tours, where you'll explore the rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, and natural wonders of this unique city in the heart of the Amazon. Whether you're seeking adventure, wildlife encounters, or cultural experiences, we invite you to join us on an unforgettable exploration of Manaus and the enchanting Amazon Rainforest. Let the adventure begin

The Amazon Rainforest, one of the most beautiful places in earth

For sure the best way to enjoy the Amazon and its beauties is by a boat tour, where you will explore different areas of our region, where you will see the richness of wildlife and of course the Amazon rainforest. Choose the best option for you and live unforgettable moments with us in the Amazon rainforest


The beauty of Amazon rainforest and the giant lilies
Manaus Amazon Tours, the beauty of Parintins Folkloric Festival

Parintins - Am

Parintins is a small town located east of Manaus, around 400 km distant of the Amazonas state`s capital, is famous due a traditional festival that happens every year in the end of june which is a dispute of two folckoric groups represented by two oxen.


Garantido the white bull with a heart in the head and Caprichoso, the black bull with a star on the head. Every year in town of Parintins the folkloric festival brings people from all over Brasil and the world to join this amazing and unique celebration in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

Every year we organize touristic packages to Parintins with the goal to promote and make people know about the Amazonian roots and traditions. See our option below.

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