Learn more about me and I started my own business Amazon Destinations

My name is Rodolpho Emanuel, born and raised in Manaus, I am a caboclo, (nomination for a local person) I started to work in the tourism business in the early 2000s in that time i was freelancer guide working tour companies, jungle lodges, boat cruises.

I had a chance to learn and practice the English language by myself, of course, in the beginning, it was not so easy cause I couldn`t speak well, so it was a problem for me to understand some words.

Nowadays I am able to guide tourists anywhere without any problems in communication. During all my life I dreamed to work in something like that, involving nature and tourism, I am passionate for what I do, thats why tourism is my main occupation.

In 2010 I decided to open my own tour company, Amazon Destinations, with the aim to promote my state and offer tours according to the customers' tastes.

My office is located in my house, so I have more flexibility in my time to attend all my tourists

I am a certified tour guide by the Brazilian Tourism Ministry by the Cadastur and my register number 03.009572.96-1 and Amazon Destinations is registered tour operator by number 03.043475.10.0001-2.

I want make customers know about those certifications, once they can feel more comfortable and able to book tours directly with Amazon Destinations, The company is specialized in private and customized tours in Manaus and Amazon region, arranging city tours, river tours, nature tours, jungle tours, panoramic flights over Manaus and the Amazon, touristic services like transfers, tour guidance and many other services available to our customers. We attend all types of tourists, there are no restrictions, couples, families, seniors, cruise ship tours, shore excursion, well anything you may need.
We hope our website could be useful and helpful to you.

Welcome to the Amazon!