Let me share with you, dear traveler, a little bit about my life in tourist and as a tour guide and see how Amazon Destinations started.

My name is Rodolpho Emanuel, born and raised in Manaus, I am a caboclo, (nomination for a local person) which means a native person. I started to work in tourism business in early 2000`s when I worked in tour companies, jungle lodges, boat cruises always as free lancer guide.

I had a chance to learn and practise English language by myself, off course, in the beginning was not so easy cause couldn`t speak well, so was a problem to understand some words.

Nowadays I am able to guide tourists in anywhere without any problems of communication. During all my life I always dreamed to work in something that involves nature and tourism, I am passionate for what I do and is always something new, every time when I start a new tour I feel this happiness and that`s why I love what I do and do with passion and devotion.

Working for so long in tourism business I started to notice some mistakes done by other companies and in 2010 I decided to found my own tour company, Amazon Destinations, with the aim to provide exactly what the tourists are looking for, off course with joy and flexibility.

My office is in my house, I have my ideas to create new possibilites to provide great experiences for every customer that contacts me at home, always thinking to include traditions, culture, nature and sharing of knowledge in a single tour.

 I am a certified as a tour guide by the Brazilian Tourism Ministry with the certification number 03.009572.96-1 by cadastur, which is encharged to control the tour guides activity in Brazil, and Amazon Destinations is registered by number 03.043475.10.0001-2 as a tour operator.
I want make customers to know about those certifications, once they can feel more comfortable and able to book tours directly with Amazon Destinations, 

Amazon Destinations is specialized in private and customized tours in Manaus and Amazon region, we provide city tours, river tours, nature tours, jungle tours, panoramic flights over Manaus and the Amazon, touristic services like transfers, guiding, hotel bookings and other packages that we can organize according to your availability and your taste.

We provide services for couples, honeymoon couples, families, tour companies, elder people groups, gay friendly groups, business people and students groups, If you are thinking about to bring your group to Manaus talk to me and we can make good deals.Now you already know a little bit about me and my company, feel free to explore this website and see the options of tours, services and packages offered to you. 

If you are looking for more information about what to do, what to bring, life insurance and other touristic information you can visit the Brazilian Tourism Ministry website with useful information to help you and let you know more about Brazil country.

Welcome to the Amazon!