Welcome to Parintins a small town located 420 KM east of Manaus, located on the right side of Amazon river, where every year in the end of June, the city welcomes thousands of people who come to enjoy and have fun of its main festivity, The Festival of Parintins, the annual dispute between Garantido and Caprichoso, the oxes .
The city divide itself into blue and red, the colors of the oxes, the island of Parintins will become into a ferverous stage where those two folkloric groups will perform each night showing their magic, beauty, traditions, myths and legends, in a mix of art, music and dance. The presentations least for three nights and each group performs for 2 hours and 30 minutes each night in the last weekend of June in the city of Parintins.
Parintins is municipality of the Amazon State and to reach there, normally the locals travel there by boat, in trips of 24 hours since Manaus or by airplane in short flights of 40 minutes.
The town is famous to held the festival of Garantido and Caprichoso that happens every year in the end of June or the Festival Folclórico de Parintins.
The Festival is famous in many parts of Brazil and in the world, when the festival is about to begin many visitors and tourists arrive in the city a week before the festival begins, contributing with the local economy and also to make this party more and more famous each year.
The characters are Garantido, the white ox with a heart on its head, is represented by the white and red colors cheers. Caprichoso is the black ox with a star on its head, is represented by the black and blue colors.
According to the history, the festival was brought from the Brazil`s northeast with those who came to work in the rubber extraction in the early 19th century and here in the Amazon was recreated with local issues like legends, indigenous traditions, local people way of life and off course the main representation of this festival that is Mãe Catirina and Pai Francisco.
The history tells, Mãe Catirina pregnant wants to eat the tonge of the most beautiful bull of the farmer`s owner, Pai Francisco, the father, fearing for his wife desire and health, decided to kill his boss bull to get its tongue and give to his wife. When the farmers discovered what he did, sent some men to capture pai Francisco and know why the reason for killing his best bull, Pai Francisco afraid to die by the hands of farmer`s owner went on search of shaman who lived near the farm, begging for the indian`s help to revival the bul and afraid to die. Pai Francisco took the shaman in the place where he killed the bull, after prays and blesses the ox woke up and then the rest of the history is all a party.
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You can watch the videos aside and have an idea what`s the festival and what it represents to its inhabitants.